FSDT Universal Installer, for FSX, P3D and MSFS

FSDT Universal Installer

Use the FSDT Universal Installer to manage the installation and licensing of all your FSDT products for FSX, P3D and MSFS with a simple to use application.

Addon Mananger for FS9

On this page, there's the Addon Manager Stand-Alone executable installer, which contains the Addon Manager, Couatl and all their support files. Use this installer to update all the sceneries support files, without having to download the full scenery installers.

IMPORTANT: Always quit from the simulator before running this installer.

FS9 Version here

The FS9 version of the Addon Manager supports our current ecommerce system, and it's a mandatory update, due to Esellerate closing its services in 2019. It MUST be installer after running any of the FS9 installers, so it can update all the software to the latest version, allowing to reactivate normally on the current QLM servers. However, it must be noted that, due to these changes, compatibility with legacy OS like Windows XP, Vista or Window 7 cannot be guaranteed and there's not support for any of these older OS. We tested our products in FS9 and Windows 10, and they work just fine.
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