What INTERNATIONAL Airport would you like to see FSDT make next?

Sydney (YSSY)
47 (40.9%)
Milan (LIMC)
6 (5.2%)
Beijing (ZBAA)
8 (7%)
Narita (RJAA)
33 (28.7%)
Cape Town (FACT)
3 (2.6%)
Moscow (UUDD)
10 (8.7%)
Johannesburg (FAOR)
7 (6.1%)
Doha (OTBD)
1 (0.9%)

Total Members Voted: 114

Voting closed: February 02, 2013, 08:07:39 pm

Author Topic: (UNOFFICIAL) What INTERNATIONAL Airport would you like to see FSDT make next?  (Read 46415 times)


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what would be usefull is denver, kansas city, st louis,  just for reasons kord to kdfw or kord to klas is a long flight please dont reply with flytampa. I downloaded flytampa kbos it sucks compared to your product.

KBOS v3  if awsome. Don't disrespect.

No, FT does NOT sucks, please have some respect for them, they make absolute very nice scenery's.  But they should stop making for FS9, so they can go higher in textures like FSDT.
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I would like to see Atlanta (KATL) , KANSAI INTERNATIONAL , HONG KONG (CHEP LE KOK ) , FRANKFURT MAIN , PHOENIX (SKY HARBOR).. In the next go round for new airports..... IJS

All of the airports you requested except for RJBB have been done by other developers and RJBB is available as freeware at the Avsim library.

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