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« on: February 01, 2013, 02:02:33 pm »
The reason that brought me here was the Caravelle by cloud9 that was in development for a long time.
I first made a search in this forum and found just one topic on the caravelle with the same question, unreplied, with no comments.
There seems to be little interest in fsdt to discuss this, since its a dead-end matter with no sales $$$

Aparently cloud9 handed all its products to fsdt and quit the business. Looks like since the caravelle panel was merely in development, it probably was abandoned.

The video of a work-in-progress is very impressive, and better than anythig that I have seen in FSX.
Cloud9 founder left links to his website other company, aparently he is italian?
My questions if FSDT is kind to answer are:

1) Who is the developper of the work-in-progress caravelle? This italian founder or a french associate?
2) Is there a way to contact him and see if he can handle the work over to someone to develop for the community?
3) What stage was the panel at? Is that video a panel video or the cockpit of a caravelle in SAS museum?

The reason is simple. Microsoft wont update the sim. FSX will stay for another good time. What is that keeps this project from being done, eithe payware or freeware.
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Re: Caravelle
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2013, 02:50:16 pm »
The Caravelle was in development by many several that used to work with Cloud9, it was the same team that made the MB339 and the F4, and I was supposed to be in charge of the gauges code.

After Cloud9 exited from the flight sim business, we have basically lost contact with the rest of the team, I guess they just abandoned active flight sim development, and they were in charge of the external/internal modeling, and the flight modeling.

But the real issue is, the Caravelle was a product conceived when 2D panels were still popular so it was designed to be like that. After the  experience we had doing the Acceleration F/A-18 for Microsoft, which is made entirely in 3D, in case we'll ever do an airplane again, it won't be use 2D panels for sure, which means revisiting the Caravelle would mean doing it again from scratch, and that wouldn't make much sense in the current market, since with the same effort we could do a more popular and current airplane.

It won't be feasible trying to get hold of the existing work on the Caravelle and pass it to someone else, both because nobody had the rights to everything: everyone was an external contractor for Cloud9, and the only thing that belongs to FSDT, is lots of our proprietary methods to do gauges (used also in the MS F/A-18), which we wouldn't handle on the outside in any case, but rather reuse in case we'll ever do an airplane again.

EDIT: I've moved the message it the Cloud9 section.


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Re: Caravelle
« Reply #2 on: February 01, 2013, 03:50:57 pm »
Thanks for your reply.
I understand then the project was meant to be a 2D panel.
The video make it looks as a VC
I agree with you, VC is the only possible way nowadays.

Anyway, if you ever release another plane hope it will be this one.


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Re: Caravelle
« Reply #3 on: July 04, 2013, 09:53:57 pm »

Its in Helsingør in Denmark..

I think you can play with google translation and the webpage to get the informations.

All the best

Jens Michlas
Julean, Frederiksberg, CPH - Denmark