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Hey guys!!

First i want to say thank you for all the great sceneries!  Its really awesome all the work you do with detail and always look great!  I was just wondering if you were going to add terminal 3 in las vegas?  I think its due to open next year for the international carriers.  I was just wondering!!  Thanks for all your hard work!!!


Well, next year we'll consider it...but after CYVR, the first update will probably by JFK.

Thank you very much for the consideration!!


Thanks for the update, Umberto.

this actually fits along well with the timeline for T3 there, as it's slated to open up sometime late next year. If you do update it, please take into consideration the Taxiway A changes between the 25s, as that was missed when the scenery was released (not of your doing; they just completed it as you released it, and you had no reference to go off of).


I just check on Google Earth.  I went there for vacation around August of 2011.  Its now open.  Ive noticed though its being used for international and normal flights.  say 50/50.    At least thats what i saw in august.  Heres a screenshot from google earth:


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