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Download links moved
« on: March 15, 2008, 01:53:21 pm »

Due probably to the success of the KORD release, with many thousands of downloads in a few hours, we were experiencing problems with corrupted downloads with this server, so we just moved the download links on a different one, that will hopefully perform better. The new one is based in the US, so it might perform better for US customers.

The web pages has all updated links so, if you experience a 404 error, just refresh the page on your browser, and the update link should appear.

Thanks for your patience, we apologize for the mess caused: apparently not only the developers can be stressed on the release date, but servers too..:)

A question: would you find useful adding a Bittorrent download, as an alternative to the usual http link ? This might help with the server load during new releases. Do you use Bittorrent clients ?
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