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Hi Umberto
I recently purchased a newly released 19M mesh for Nevada thinking it would enhance the experience of flying in and out of the FSDT KLAS. Sadly, what it seems to have done instead is "dig a hole" under the threshhold of 19L. I know this is NOT an FSDT issue - there was nothing wrong until I installed the mesh. But if you can suggest a fix or can provide some kind of flatten file I would be very grateful. If not, I understand.

Try with this file here, which is supposed to be made for FS Genesis, maybe it will work with your mesh too:


Thank  you - I will try it out and let you know how it works. The mesh is from FS Genesis which I already had, but added their new 19 M mesh a few days ago. Hopefully this will still do the job

Thank you Umberto. Problem solved! You guys really are the "Dream Team!" I wish all the other developers had the same great customer support! (Of course, their sceneries still wouldn't be as good!)  :D

Hmm, I really need to look into or atleast have someone look into how they accomplished this. ArpyGs terrain is in DIRE need of something like this.

All and all, nice find. Thanks

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