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I purchased for MSFS but when I go into the FSDT installer and click to install it gives me a message that its not yet on FSX/P3D and then I only have an ok or cancel option.  I hit ok and clicked on product which then just reinstalled my installer again and still the same issue.  What is the problem?

I was to update and then it gave me the option to install.

You must have confused CYVR for MSFS ( called "Vancouver V2" ) with the FSX version so, when you clicked Install, it told you that Install feature ( not the scenery ) is not available for FSX/P3D, that's because the FSX/P3D products have their own installers that can be always downloaded freely.

However, while you can't install an FSX/P3D scenery with the FSDT Installer, you can use it to Update it.

The products for MSFS, instead, are both Installed AND Update from the FSDT Installer.


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