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This is originally a ini file i found on this forum which i changed to my liking.

Ramp vehicles and clutter and animated ramp vehicles turned on. Static aircraft off.
If you do not have this you have to change the afcad path name to your active afcad.
I use SODE jetways.
I also have VDGS so have not checked parking system without it on jetway gates.

Gate 24, 35, 43-50 is walkin. All except 24 have very tight spaces so not ideal. All gates except 24 for Dash 8 etc
Gates and stands 74-81 and 15-19 are Heavy international gates.
1-10 are small/medium international gates.
Stands 70-73 are small domestic stands for 737 etc.
Gates 20-33 are small domestic gates used primarily by ANZ and JST.
Parking 1 -- RAMP Cargo stand edited for DHL Cargo Max wingspan 63 M (777F). Enter at C3 taxiway.

Place ini file in the C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Virtuali\GSX folder. Delete/Remove&backup other files starting with NCAA.
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