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Fort Jefferson Missing **SOLVED**

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Hi Umberto,

I just purchased KEYW and noted that Fort Jefferson appears to be missing in the Dry Tortugas.  Everything else is there... the Loggerhead lighthouse, boats, pilings, some people hanging out on the dock; but the actual fort is not there.  Are you able to reproduce this?


That's because you haven't installed ( or updated ) the US World Update.

Ft. Jefferson itself is included in the US World Update, and it's quite good so, we removed it from our scenery in order to prevent the object to be seen as a duplicate, but we left the extra detail we added to both islands, since the MS update only added the fort itself.

** NOT SOLVED ** least not for me. :(

World Update II: USA is installed and up-to-date on my system.  If I delete FSDT Key West Intl in the content manager, Asobo's Fort Jefferson is definitely there (and, as expected, the docks, seaplane base, lighthouse, and other objects associated with your scenery are not).

When I reinstall FSDT Key West and return to the area without restarting the sim, your objects are there; and the fort is there!

However, after shutting down the sim and restarting, I notice that a Seaplane Base called KYW1 - Ft. Jefferson now appears on the World Map with a water runway (9-27) depicted to the northeast of the fort. Returning to the area, the fort is now missing.  Are you sure there may not be a stray exclude left over in your scenery (maybe associated with the seaplane base)? I bought my copy on the FS marketplace, showing v1.3.1 installed.

Please don't open new threads, when one already exists, the only result you'll obtain, is they will be removed.

In any case, the problem doesn't happen in our version of the scenery, and we sent an update to Microsoft a while ago but, there's no telling when it will appear on the Marketplace, since I've heard from many developers they have a very long queue of submissions, so it will likely several weeks.

So are you saying that there is a newer version that corrects the issue; but it hasn't yet made it to the marketplace?  If so, that's good news.  What's the latest version number?  I'll be sure to keep an eye out for it and report back if it resolves the problem.

By the way, I'll agree not to open duplicate threads if you agree not to mark threads as solved before they're actually solved....



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