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Flightbeam Auckland (NZAA) config
« on: July 14, 2021, 11:57:26 pm »
Fellow simmers,

I have created a GSX config and updated AFCAD for the recently released Flightbeam Auckland V1.0. Any suggestions or improvements are welcome!

Please note that due to the AFCAD being user created, Flightbeam does not offer any tech support when using this configuration.

Included in the .zip:
- GSX ini
- Updated AFCAD bgl
- Updated SODE xml
- Parking list (excel and PDF, they are the same)
- Read Me

- Replaced SODE Jetways by GSX Level 2 Jetways (metal models)
- Added GSX Visual Guidance System at the International Terminal
- Ground equipment placement for every gate to not interfere with scenery objects
- Optimized stop positions for certain aircraft* (see "Parking Positions")
- Custom Pushback for every gate where applicable (my own interpretation since I am not familiar with NZAA OPS and also not a pushback tug driver)
- Updated AFCAD to include missing parking spots with Static Aircraft disabled and a few parkings deleted* (see AFCAD section of Read Me)

- Deselect the Static Aircraft option in the Flightbeam manager or delete/turn off "nzaa_staticacramp.bgl" in the "Flightbeam - NZAA\scenery" folder
- Delete/turn off "NZAA.bgl" in the "Flightbeam - NZAA\scenery" folder
- Make a backup of "Flightbeam_NZAA.xml" located in the "C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml" folder
- Copy "NZAA_update.bgl" into the "\Flightbeam\Flightbeam - NZAA\scenery\" folder. Overwrite if needed
- Copy "Flightbeam_NZAA.xml" into the "C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml" folder. Overwrite if needed
- Copy "nzaa-hhtkfh.ini" into your "C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Virtuali\GSX" folder
- You MAY need to change the afcad_path in the .ini file (e.g. D:\user\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\Flightbeam\Flightbeam - NZAA\scenery\NZAA_update.bgl)
- Make sure only ONE .ini file starting with "nzaa" exists in your GSX folder
- Once inside your simulator, click "Add-ons → Couatl settings → Restart Couatl and rebuild airport cache"

*Gates optimised for various add-on aircraft:
- A320: FS Labs A320
- A321: FS Labs A321
- AT75: Carenado ATR 72-500 (Actual stands are designed for ANZ ATR 72-600s
- B738: PMDG Boeing 737-800
- B73F: PMDG Boeing 737-800 BDSF
- BBJ : PMDG Boeing 737 BBJ
- BBJ : PMDG Boeing 737 BBJ2
- B74F: PMDG Boeing 747-400F
- B772: PMDG Boeing 777-200ER
- B77W: PMDG Boeing 777-300ER
- B789: QualityWings 787-9
- B78X: QualityWings 787-10
- C172: Any GA aircraft addon
- PC12: Carenado PC12
- Q400: Majestic Dash 8-Q400 (Actual stands are designed for ANZ Q300s

*Parkings in Scenery or on Charts but not used in AFCAD:      
- 34   Not existing in scenery   
- 36   Not existing in scenery   
- 41   Facilitate use of Gates 39/42   
- C 50   Facilitate use of NW Parking 201   
- 52   Facilitate use of Gate 53   
- 54   Facilitate use of Gates 53/55   
- 57   Not existing in scenery   
- 93   Facilitate use of Gates 70/71/72/73   
- 94   Facilitate use of Gates 70/71/72/73   
- 95   Facilitate use of Gates 70/71/72/73   
- N 1   Impossible parking position   
- N 2   Impossible parking position   
- N 3   Impossible parking position   
- N 86   Maintenance Area   
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