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« on: June 23, 2021, 11:34:36 pm »
Should I get update here or store? Bought it from store to let them keep track of numbers. I am 73 and starting to lose memory where I pit things. I also had it for FSX . ??? ??? ??? Your scenery is worth it to buy again as for as I am concern. I am not worried about a discount! The MSFS production process worries me more. I had and would like to by again KJFK KLAX KIAH KCLT  GSX KDFW. I fly mostly in USA no dis respect, and want to see the country by flight. Thanks guys for the great work!!!
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We explained the differences between purchasing here or on the MS Marketplace, when we released our first product for MSFS, that is KORD:,24167.msg160563.html#msg160563

Other than explaining the differences, it's really not our place to tell you where you buy from, that should be your decision.