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the KORD V2 release date is approaching so, while it's ready, we wanted to share some useful information on how to get a discounted price if you bought the old version. First, a bit of background:

- The original O'Hare was released in early 2008, that is more 11 years ago. Unfortunately, Esellerate has removed all the customer data for orders older than 10 years, which means it would be impossible to us to know who bought it in the fist year.

- It's very likely lots of users would have changed their email since then, and having to update all the old emails would have been a logistic nightmare for us, and very inconvenient for users.

- You might have purchased the original O'Hare from another retailer. Some of them, like Sim-planet or Flightsimstore Australia, went out of business in the meantime, before we couldn't access their order database.

- We moved to the new Share-it site on Digital River since July, and this site doesn't have any memory of past Esellerate orders anyway.

So, the challenge was to be able to offer some kind of discount, to every user of the original O'Hare, regardless when or where it was bought and, we wanted to do it in the easiest possible way, which is:

We'll use the original O'Hare ACTIVATION, to enable a discounted purchase on the new KORD V2.

If your original O'Hare is Active on your system ( no need for it to be installed, just activated ), there will be nothing special to do to purchase it, as long as you'll use the "Buy On Web" button from the Addon Manager. The purchase must be done this way, in order to let the Addon Manager verify the activation of the original O'Hare, to activate the discount.

Before the Addon Manager will start the browser to complete the purchase, you'll see a confirmation if the previous ownership has been confirmed.

If the original O'Hare is not activated, just activate it before purchasing the new version. This doesn't require to install the original O'Hare, it's enough to activate the old version before purchasing the new one, using the normal "Register Serial" button in the Addon Manager.

How the activation is made, doesn't matter, you can use either an Esellerate serial number ( one that starts with FSDTORDX- ) or a new Soraco Serial Number, they both work.

If you lost your purchase receipt for the original O'Hare, you can retrieve it as explained on our FAQ page:

Note that, the function that retrieve a Serial Number from an email, works only for orders made on Esellerate/FSDT site, or Simmarket. If you bought the old O'Hare from another retailer, you'll have to use their own order-retrieval methods.

If you lost your purchase receipt for the original O'Hare AND your order is older than 10 years OR you bought it from a bankrupted retailer, you still have a chance to get the discount, as long as you have the FSDreamTeam_Chicago Ohare.reg file, which is created automatically each time you successfully activate a product, inside your user folder, usually under C:\Users\YOURNAME. If you have such file, or have a backup from an old installation (you should...), look for that file, which contains your original Serial Number that can be used to reactivate the original O'Hare, and get the discount, even if your order is older than 10 years and/or you bought from a retailer that closed show.

NOTE for Simmarket users: the upgrade price can be obtained from Simmarket as well, provided you bought the original O'Hare on Simmarket. In this case, the update price will be applied automatically, with no need to activate the old product.

If the current version is removed via windows, does it still remain "active"?



--- Quote from: sticky1202 on August 15, 2019, 01:28:54 pm ---If the current version is removed via windows, does it still remain "active"?
--- End quote ---

Yes, of course. We never, ever, remove an activation, even if you remove the whole simulator and make a totally clean install. The only way to lose an activation is:

- When you reinstall Windows

- When you change major hardware components

- When you explicitly choose "Deactivate" from the Addon Manager

If you just uninstalled the old KORD, the Addon Manager will list it as "Active, not Installed", this means you'll be able to get the discount on KORD V2 automatically ( as long as you purchase it by clicking on the "Buy on Web" button on the Addon Manager ). In fact, you *must* uninstall the old KORD, to be able to install the new one, but this is entirely unrelated to the activation.

If you lost your activation for any reason, there no need to install the old KORD again: just re-activate it before purchasing the new one. Installation of a scenery was never required in order to be able to reactivate it. Basically, installation and activation are totally separate and independent.


just a question.

Why do you only offer a discount of 10 $?  :-\


--- Quote from: adfbga on August 22, 2019, 07:47:33 pm ---Hi,

just a question.

Why do you only offer a discount of 10 $?  :-\

--- End quote ---

Are you being serious? Really man? Do you have ANY idea how hard and how much time they worked and invested in KORDv2? That is very disrespectful for you to say that. You should be grateful for what FSDT has done to the community! KORDv2 is a completely brand new product! We are lucky that a discount is offered for such a high calibre masterpiece! We are lucky to have a great O'Hare airport for us to fly into in the flight simulator world! "Why do you only offer a discount of $10," is possibly the greatest/worst troll question I have ever seen in this industry as a whole.


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