Author Topic: [TUTORIAL]How to remove those static jetways GSX cant exclude (Example: AS EDDF)  (Read 13056 times)

Daviti Abesalashvili

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Hello. I used this method on another airport and I get this error when exporting -    BGLXFlatWriter   Error      A placement should be specified for the object   - no filed are generated


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Hi all,

sorry I just stumbled a couple of days ago on this thread and it worked well e.g. I was able to remove all the static jetways. Especially I was looking at the EDDF Gates A50 to A69 (also known as Z50 to Z69 for flights to the US). But some of those gates have 2 and others 3 jetways and it was a little bit of work additionally to add those. But finally I am done and satisfied with the result - thanks to the tutorial. Please find attached two screenshots (a picture how it really looks like and one in P3D v4 after making those "adjustments"..... ) If someone is interested in the specific gsx.configuration file for these gates please leave me a personal note. 



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