Author Topic: LFPO - PARIS - ORLY - GSX Level 2. Fully finnished configuration available here  (Read 2675 times)


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v4 FILE with 3 possible configurations: With default jetways, Metal or Glass. Also:
1.All parking postions tested. No errors no matter what plane you use, size or door (1L on S & M. 1L, 2L and sometimes 3L on HEAVY).
2. Pushbacks for gates AND Parkings:
          a. More realistic (adding Facing North, south, ect.. on the choice of pushbacks!!!). This way you do not have to think too much when the ATC tells you to place the plane heading ....
          b. Fixed the pushbacks that i detected to be wrong.
          c. Long pushbacks now specify on which Lane you land and close to which parking place.
3. If the scenery has a docking system that has conflict with your starting position when entering the Sim (Too far, etc), is replaced by a GSX2 docking device.  If it doesn't, one is added. Both in Gates AND parkings (where possible)
4. Double & Triple Jetways added when possible. In scneries that you can remove fixed jetways, I show you how.
5. Vehicles in position.

To download the link go to:,19008.msg131922.html#msg131922