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KLAS 1.1 Released

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We just put together an installer that will update KLAS to the current version. It includes all the fixes posted on the forum in a single installer.

Fixes included are:

- The double arrows fix
- The textures bleed fix
- The visible seam between ground tiles

The AFCAD it's based on the Harpsi release dated May 3rd, but has a couple of improvements, like the dummy crosswind runways moved outside the scenery area, so they shouldn't interfere with ATC.

Download the installer from here:

The full installer has been updated as well so, if you downloaded it after May 6, you don't need this update. Both the Update and the Full installers would read as version 1.1

How does this post relate to FSX?  Can I assume the same updates with a new full installer will be made as well?


None of the bugs fixed here were related to FSX, and the update AFCAD can be downloaded in the KLAS FSX forum

Thunderbird Fan:
I just want to say that this is a great scenery package. I am having problems with the double arrows, runway numbers, and center line striping. I purchased the scenery yesterday and noticed the problem. I did the 1.1 update and I still have the problem. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, any help would be appreciated.

Thunderbird Fan:
disregard, I played with the priority and put the scenery above the default aerial photo and it worked like a champ! :o


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