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Author Topic: Terminals A & B - Parking Codes Amiss  (Read 3970 times)
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« on: April 19, 2009, 03:54:38 AM »

Hi and thanks for the great looking KLAS for FSX.  It's a very nice addition to the rest of my FSDT collection.

Anyway, I have an extensive WoAI and Custom AI collection which works and looks great except for KLAS.  Terminals A & B have no parked AI aircraft.  Terminal C is completely full of my SWA collection and Terminal D has all other US aircraft including, UAL, TED, USA, DAL, etc...

Looking at the parking codes for Terminals A & B usning ADE, they're all designated AWE, BAW, and some with CCP.  AWE ended when all flights became offically designated as USA and all AI (either AWE or USA, new or old liveries) are now all USA parking codes in the relative flightsim.x entry.  I can't figure out how you got BAW (assuming British Airways) into the domestic terminal spots and I didn't bother looking up CCP.

It is my opinion that the parking codes need some work.

Thanks and regards,

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« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2009, 04:51:33 PM »

the official designation is not usa, they are still using awe
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« Reply #2 on: April 19, 2009, 05:23:34 PM »

the official designation is not usa, they are still using awe

Agreed, the official ICAO code and callsign (CACTUS) have not changed, yet.  But the standard "Parking_Codes" variable in the more recent reputable flightplans are just using USA which overflows Terminal D because of the lack of USA codes in Terminals A & B.

Latest AIG Flightplan MRAI Setup cfg file:
VALID=Summer 08
WEEK=04 June - 12 June
PERFECTION=10036 flights included
RELEASEDATE=May 07, 2008
SEEK=US Airways

// US Airways
US Airways|USA|US AIR|AC#1,454,"US Airways Airbus A319-100"
US Airways|USA|US AIR|AC#2,454,"US Airways Airbus A319-100 - Old Colors"
US Airways|USA|US AIR|AC#3,454,"US Airways Airbus A319-100 - Star Alliance"
US Airways|USA|US AIR|AC#4,454,"US Airways Airbus A319-100 - Philadelphia Eagles"
US Airways|USA|US AIR|AC#5,454,"US Airways Airbus A319-100 - Carolina Panthers"
US Airways|USA|US AIR|AC#6,454,"US Airways Airbus A319-100 - Pittsburgh Steelers"
US Airways|USA|US AIR|AC#7,454,"US Airways Airbus A319-100 - PSA Heritage"
US Airways|USA|US AIR|AC#8,454,"US Airways Airbus A319-100 - Piedmont Heritage"
US Airways|USA|US AIR|AC#9,454,"US Airways Airbus A319-100 - Allegheny Heritage"
US Airways|USA|CACTUS|AC#10,454,"US Airways Airbus A319-100 - America West"
US Airways|USA|CACTUS|AC#11,454,"US Airways Airbus A319-100 - America West Nevada"
US Airways|USA|CACTUS|AC#12,454,"US Airways Airbus A319-100 - America West Arizona"
US Airways|USA|CACTUS|AC#13,454,"US Airways Airbus A319-100 - America West Retro"
US Airways|USA|CACTUS|AC#14,454,"US Airways Airbus A319-100 - America West Cardinals"
US Airways|USA|CACTUS|AC#15,454,"US Airways Airbus A319-100 - America West Heritage"
US Airways|USA|US AIR|AC#20,447,"US Airways Airbus A320-200"
US Airways|USA|US AIR|AC#21,447,"US Airways Airbus A320-200 - Old Colors"
US Airways|USA|CACTUS|AC#22,447,"US Airways Airbus A320-200 - America West"
US Airways|USA|US AIR|AC#30,447,"US Airways Airbus A321-200"
US Airways|USA|US AIR|AC#31,447,"US Airways Airbus A321-200 - Old Colors"
US Airways|USA|US AIR|AC#40,464,"US Airways Airbus A330-300"
US Airways|USA|US AIR|AC#50,429,"US Airways Boeing 737-300"
US Airways|USA|US AIR|AC#51,429,"US Airways Boeing 737-300 - Old Colors"
US Airways|USA|CACTUS|AC#52,429,"US Airways Boeing 737-300 - America West"
US Airways|USA|US AIR|AC#60,439,"US Airways Boeing 737-400"
US Airways|USA|US AIR|AC#70,460,"US Airways Boeing 757-200"
US Airways|USA|US AIR|AC#71,460,"US Airways Boeing 757-200 - Star Alliance"
US Airways|USA|US AIR|AC#72,460,"US Airways Boeing 757-200 - Old Colors"
US Airways|USA|US AIR|AC#73,460,"US Airways Boeing 757-200WL - ETOPS"
US Airways|USA|CACTUS|AC#74,460,"US Airways Boeing 757-200 - America West"
US Airways|USA|US AIR|AC#80,461,"US Airways Boeing 767-200"
US Airways|USA|US AIR|AC#90,450,"US Airways Embraer ERJ-190"

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« Reply #3 on: April 25, 2009, 10:44:25 AM »

Hi All -

Yes, the scenery is fabulous, but the AFCAD does need some work. I've also found NWW instead of NWA around Teminal D etc.


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