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Title: questions
Post by: waleed on January 20, 2008, 06:03:40 pm
First of all, great job on Zurich, and am looking forward to KORD, and KJFK, and whatever else comes down the tube in the future  :)
I have tried Zurich, and am impressed with the fact that you offer a demo to decide on a purchase, but given the fact that it is soo great, it is the smart thing to do. I do not see too many simmers staying away once they try this great product. I will purchase it once I have a new system better able to handle fs, and after KORD. ;D
I am curious as to wether you will offer boxed versions, or cd's as I am (older), and feel more comfortable with a disc in hand. If not, it is not a big deal as I have read your policies and find them to be very user friendly. My issue is that I tend to uninstal, and reinstal fs9 often, and will be updating my system soon.
I look forward to KORD, and love the backdoor idea.
Great work, and keep going. :)