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Couatl™ Live update release notes

March 1st, 2021   


December 22nd, 2020   


November 30th, 2020   

October 13th, 2020   


October 1st, 2020   


September 23rd, 2020   


September 16th, 2020   


September 10th, 2020   


June 29th, 2020


June 15th, 2020


June 7th, 2020


May 7th, 2020


April 14th, 2020


March 4th, 2020


February 14th, 2020


February 7th, 2020


February 6th, 2020


January 25th, 2020


January 20th, 2020


January 18th, 2020


January 15th, 2020


January 14th, 2020


January 10th, 2020


December 13th 2019

December 9th 2019


December 5th 2019

December 1st 2019


November 28th 2019


November 22th 2019


November 20th 2019


November 11th 2019

November 10th 2019

October 24th 2019


October 11th 2019


October 3rd 2019

October 1st 2019

September 30th 2019


September 26th 2019

September 25th 2019


September 20th 2019


September 17th 2019

September 12th 2019


September 10th 2019


September 7th 2019




August 28th 2019


August 26th 2019


August 24th 2019


August 22th 2019


August 6th 2019


June 30th 2019



Dec. 7th


Nov. 26th.


Nov. 22th.


Nov. 9th.


Nov. 2nd.


Oct. 9th


Oct. 8th


Oct. 2th


Sept. 28th


Sept. 27th


Sept. 13th


Sept. 5th


July 18th


July 11th


May 22th


May 17th


May 10th


April 13th


April 9th 2018

April 5th 2018


March 30th 2018

Note to P3D4.0 users: this update requires at least Prepar3D 4.1, it won't work on 4.0 due to different SDK used.


March 7th 2018


January 10th 2018


December 21th 2017


December 11th 2017


December 4th 2017


November 27th 2017


November 22nd 2017


November 15th 2017


November 7th 2017


November 6th 2017

November 3rd 2017


October 31th 2017


October 26th 2017


October 13th 2017


June 2n 2017


Feb 17th 2017


Feb 13th 2017


Feb 10th 2017


Feb 7th 2017


Feb 6th 2017


Feb 2nd 2017


Jan 9th 2017


Jan 8th 2017


Jan 6th 2017

Jan 3rd 2017


December 23th 2016


December 20th 2016

IMPORTANT: This update requires downloading the latest GSX Full installer from the FSDT Website.


Aug. 25th 2016


Aug. 10th 2016


July 29th 2016


July 20th 2016


July 12th 2016


July 8th 2016


June 17th 2016


June 15th 2016


June 14th 2016


June 6th 2016


June 2nd 2016


June 1st, 2016

IMPORTANT: this update requires to download and install the latest GSX FULL INSTALLER!!


Nov. 24th 2015


Oct. 16th


Oct. 5


Sep. 30th

Sep 13th


Sep 10th


Sep 1st 2015


Aug 17th 2015


Couatl 3 released and out of Beta


GSX 1.9.11 released and out of Beta


Feb 13th

Support for Prepar3D 2.5


January 22th


December 28th


December 14th


December 3rd


December 2nd


November 28th




November 24th

Added Docking systems at TBIT gates at FSDT KLAX


November 17th


October 6th


October 1st


September 26th


September 12th,10803.msg83909.html#msg83909


September 8th


August 4th


July 30th


July 24th


July 4th


June 9th


May 23th

Please update KDEN to 1.1 if you accept this Live Update, otherwise KDEN won't work anymore.

May 20th


May 15th

Fixed flickering at CYVR under Prepar3D 2.x


May 12th


May 3rd


Apr 19th


Apr 18th


Apr 14th.


Feb 27th.


Feb 12th.


Feb 8th.


Dec. 1st.


Nov. 30th


Nov. 12th


Nov. 6th

Fixed a bug with the covered Staircase not extending correctly.


Oct. 28th 2013


Sep 23rd 2013

1.8 Update


Sep 15th 2013


Sep 13th 2013


Sep 4th 2013


Aug 16th 2013


Jun 15th 2013


Mar 22th 2013


Mar 14th 2013


Jan 4 - 2013

November 27th


November 12th


October 29th


September 7th


August 25th


August 20th


August 9th


August 2nd

1.7 Update


July 10th


June 15th

1.6 Update


June 8th

1.5.5 Update


May 12th

1.5 New major version!


April 24th


April 19th


April 18th


April 13th


April 2nd



March 26th


March 25th

1.3 New version!