Products made Prepar3D V4 or V5 only

On this page, there are Download links for all our products for Prepar3D. They are all Trial versions, that can be unlocked into full versions by using the Serial Number found on your purchase receipt. There's no separate "full" version download, the below links are the links to the only installers available, use them in all cases: if you want to simply Try our product, if you just purchased it and haven't installed it yet, or if you need to Reinstall after a system upgrade.

FSDT Universal Installer

Use the FSDT Universal Installer to manage the installation and licensing of all your FSDT products a simple to use application.


Prepar3D Compatibility

These products works only with Prepar3D 4.4, Prepar3D 4.5 or Prepar3D 5.x.
lfsb image

Basel Mulhouse Freiburg


Download P3D 4/5

kordv2 image

Chicago O'Hare
International Airport


Download P3D 4/5

gsx Level 2 image

GSX Level 2


Download P3D 4/5

gsx image


This page indicates only those products that have a P3D4/5 Native version and don't work in FSX or older version of P3D ( 1, 2 and 3 ). On the FSX Products page, you'll find many other products that were originally made for FSX, but the installer supports all P3D version, including P3D V5.x


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