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Author Topic: Adding animated jetways to GSX  (Read 3848 times)
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« on: September 06, 2013, 01:03:04 AM »

Well i don't want you to copy AES put when i am at example:SVMI and i have AES active the static jetway will move, put when i GSX it doesn't so maybe for a next update you can maybe add a way possible to make static jetways move on 3rd party sceneries that will make more realistic
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« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2013, 09:43:46 AM »

The jetways at some sceneries are made as static models, these are not possible to be moved. What AES does is change these models for their own animated ones, but it is outside GSX scope to take these and animate them. It would also require cooperation from scenery authors.

GSX can move jetways that are made as animated as defined in FSX SDK.
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« Reply #2 on: September 06, 2013, 10:28:45 AM »

maybe for a next update you can maybe add a way possible to make static jetways move on 3rd party sceneries that will make more realistic

Making a program that relieved developers from making animated jetways, had some sense in FS9, when doing them was extremely hard and inefficient, that's why AES, which was made for FS9, had that as an important feature. But that requires working for each single scenery, with the support of the developer too. And this means having users to pay for EACH airport.

GSX was designed after FSX was released, and since animated jetways are a native feature which work in every default FSX scenery and are documented using the official FSX SDK, there's no reason for any scenery developer to force their users to spend extra money for their scenery ONLY to get a missing feature that even a default FSX scenery has.

So, GSX, being native for FSX, assumes that a proper FSX scenery that is advertised as such, would include such feature as standard and, in fact, we are seeing the trend amongst some of the best scenery developers out there, like Flightbeam and UK2000, to do FSX proper jetways.

I've read some comments about FSX animated jetways being slow and buggy. Yes, there IS a performance impact using them (which CAN be lessened a lot by using LOD levels and animate only the highest ones) and they are not by any means perfect, but that's no excuse for make them *ONLY* static.

Nothing prevent a developer who's concerned about possible fps loss and don't like their quirks, to do the following:

Let the jetways to be static or animated as an OPTION, by simply distributing two different library .BGL for the jetways, with one with no animations exported.

This way, the same AFCAD would work. The only requirement to do this, would be having the jetways and the terminals as separate objects, but this is exactly what they should do ANYWAY, in order to "prepare" the scenery for AES.

This way, users that are ok with the standard FSX animation system, can use that as an install option, and use the scenery without having to purchase anything, not even GSX, since the jetways would animate JUST with FSX itself.

Users wanting to purchase AES can do so, since the scenery will be AES-able just fine, since FSX standard jetways can be excluded by the AFCAD provided with AES very easily too.

And, users that are ok with static jetways and don't want to purchase anything extra, will just select the option to install the static version of the jetway, and won't have any performance impact. This would be the only option that would accustom all kind of users: regular FSX users (not purchasing AES or GSX), GSX users and AES users, without forcing a performances drop to anyone, and without forcing to spend extra to anyone too.

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