Author Topic: Hawaii Airports Vol1. 1.7 Update  (Read 10883 times)


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Hawaii Airports Vol1. 1.7 Update
« on: May 30, 2012, 11:15:32 am »
Here's an update for the Hawaii Airports Vol.1

Improvements in version 1.7:

PHTO - Fixed Runway distance signs, in FS9 and FSX,
PHTO - Added new Papi and vasi models, like in Hawaii Vol.2

PHLI - Added new Papi and vasi model same Hawaii Vol2

The update also includes all fixes published earlier:

Improvements in version 1.4:

- PHLI: Fixed other misplaced signs

- PHLI/PHTO: Fixed trees appearing on runway on certain conditions

Improvements in version 1.3:

- PHLI: Fixed some problem with textures at Night under (FS9)

- PHLI: Fixed some signs (FSX and FS9)

- PHLI: Improved Firetruck animation in order to solve clashing with other vehicles (FSX)

- PHLI: Fixed Fuel request at parking 23 (FSX)

- PHTO: Added new Photoreal background (FS9)

- PHTO: Improved compatibility with UT USA (FS9)

Fixes in the previous 1.1 update

- PHLI and PHTO: Runway distance Sign fixed (FSX and FS9)

- PHLI and PHTO: Taxiway lights resized at airports (FSX and FS9)

- PHLI and PHTO: Helipads and starting points added Added (FSX and FS9)

- PHLI and PHTO: Fixed Ground Textures bleeding (FSX and FS9)

- PHLI and PHTO: Missing Instrumental procedures restored

- PHTO: AFCAD corrected (FS9)

- PHTO: Added Jetways (FSX)

- PHLI: Correct Hangar door (FSX)

- PHLI and PHTO: Added compatibility files for Ultimate Terrain (FSX and FS9)

The compatibility files for UTUSA (FS9) and UTX (FSX) are installed automatically by the installer if any of those products is found, provided they are installed in their default directories.

If the installer fails to find UT/UTX for any reason, or if you install UT/UTX after Hawaii Airports, there's a folder named "UTUSA_Compatibility" (or "UTX_Compatibility" in FSX) inside the fsdreamteam\Hawaii1 folder, were you can find the files to be manually installed.

If you need to go back to the default scenery, there's also a folder named "Default_Compatibility", which contains files that go with the default scenery.

You can obtain the upgrade by downloading the current Hawaii 1 installer. You can check your installer version when it starts, if you downloaded Hawaii 1 after today, May 30th 2012, and your installer version already reads 1.7 or later, you already have the most current version.
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Re: Hawaii Airports Vol1. 1.7 Update
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2012, 04:10:39 am »
Hi there.

I have run into a problem which I can't resolve. I have downloaded the latest installer, and it says 1.1.
As I understand I need the 1.7 update. I also have DOUBLE gates on my scenaries Honolulu and LAX.