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Author Topic: Adding Military & Civilian AI for PHNL & 1HNL Hickam AFB Easy Install  (Read 4593 times)
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« on: August 29, 2013, 02:39:45 AM »

MAIW is a free-ware site that offers an excellent choice of Military AI for FSX & FS2004

There are 3 packages you can choose from or install both for FSDT Honolulu PHNL

They are available at this link * Not Tested in FSX!


A.     Alaska and the Islands ANG (Older C-17 Models) Includes K-135, F-15s, etc.
B.     West Coast C-17 (Newer C-17 Models)
        AMC West Coast C-17's

C.   West Coast ANG

* Some AC from KADW, Andrews AFB Transport VIP Wing also flies into Hickam. I did not include those FP in this post.
          Download all the AI packages. Remove AF9_PHNL.bgl File
          Remove all MAIW AFCADS with PHNL in their title from the Addon scenery folder
          Place all three AFCADS from Ghiomkl in the FSDT PHNL Scenery Folder.

Use Traffic Tools to De- Compile the Flight Plans that have been already installed by the MAIW Installer.

Remove the newly installed PHNL MAIW Traffic .bgls from the scenery world scenery file folder.
Place the modified Flight Plans attached below into your FS2004 main folder along with the Airport and Aircraft .txt Files. When asked if you want to replace say YES. Now Use Traffic Tools to re-compile and load these new FP into fs2004.

 (* Note. The Airport 1HNL has already been added to these Flight plans so that all Military Aircraft land, take-off  and taxi to RWY 8R and no civilian commercial flights will park at Hickam any longer thanks to Ghiomkl and his modified afcads and exclude file which must be downloaded and installed into your FS2004 FSDT PHNL Scenery Folder.

Download Ghiomkl AFCADS and Exclude File Here. All 3 Files must be installed into FSDT PHNL Scenery Folder. http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php?topic=2793.0 and you must remove the AF9_PHNL.bgl folder.

Option: You may or may not remove the C-17 static bgl from FSDT. I chose to remove them because I prefer AI and not static models in my scenery.

You can also use a freeware civilian general aviation to your skies and will fill up the stands nicely around the PHNL airfield and the world. You may do that easily by visiting UGA here:


You may also use  HTAI free ware and payware here: http://htai-models.com/downloads.html[/color][/font][/size][/size][/color]

Pappy Boyington    

* Airports_MAIW_AK and the Islands.txt (1.72 KB - downloaded 324 times.)
* Aircraft_MAIW_AK and the Islands.txt (3.88 KB - downloaded 298 times.)
* FlightPlans_MAIW_AK and the Islands.txt (32.91 KB - downloaded 317 times.)
* Aircraft_04_WoA_USAF Hickam C-17 Package_Wi06.txt (0.37 KB - downloaded 300 times.)
* Airports_04_WoA_USAF Hickam C-17 Package_Wi06.txt (0.95 KB - downloaded 313 times.)
* FlightPlans_04_WoA_USAF Hickam C-17 Package_Wi06.txt (2.62 KB - downloaded 286 times.)
* Aircraft_MAIW_WCANG.txt (6.47 KB - downloaded 290 times.)
* Airports_MAIW_WCANG.txt (3.74 KB - downloaded 327 times.)
* FlightPlans_MAIW_WCANG.txt (50.08 KB - downloaded 315 times.)
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