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Author Topic: cant copy esellerateengine.dll in the windows folder!!!!!  (Read 6686 times)
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« on: March 17, 2008, 07:55:26 AM »

Whats with this and how do you fix it? I have my activation key and it saysWTF. Ive been at this for an hour and at this point, I think im done. Too much frustration. Bad enough I have to connect my machine that I soley use for FS to the web because I cant transfer it from my 2nd computer which I only use th net for. Gave $36 and so far all i've seen is my scenery disapear after 4mins....Brand new system with no other sceneries, none of the other threads are helping.
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« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2008, 02:39:09 PM »

First, it's a little bit difficult to diagnose your problem if you don't say anything about your config.

I assuming you are using Vista, because this problem might happen if you run either the installer or FS9 with a limited privilege user account in Vista, with UAC turned on.

The first thing to try might be running the installer as administrator. This shouldn't normally be necessary, because the installer is *already* flagged to automatically ask permission to run as administrator (there should be a small shield in its icon that indicates this).

You can also try running FS9 itself, at least the first time, as administrator, so it will have the chance to install the esellerateengine.dll in the windows folder.

Another thing to check, is that you don't have *other* (older) versions of that library that you manually put in the Windows folder, that can't be automatically overwritten without your permission. The locations were this library is usually put are:


Look in each of these folder and, if you find any of these files, manually delete them, then run the installer again. The installer is programmed to overwrite and update these files, but only if it has gained admin access, since these folder are not writable with a limited privileged user account.

As a last resort if anything else fails, you might try downloading the dll from here:


and manually put it into the right folder:

Under Vista:
c:\ProgramData\Esellerate (create one if it doesn't exists, and put the dll there)

Under XP:

Bad enough I have to connect my machine that I soley use for FS to the web because I cant transfer it from my 2nd computer which I only use th net for

This is not true. It's very possible to activate on a PC without internet connection, there's a specific provision for that:

- You will need to move the .REG key you created on one PC to the non-internet connected one. Or, if you use the "Buy on the Web" option, you can simply write it down your serial, and use the register serial option later on.

- Launch FS, go in Windowed Mode (not always necessary, but it's better), it will ask if you want to activate. Reply "Yes", the screen will go black and, after a while (give it some time, it might be up to a minute), it will automatically detect there's no internet connection, so a dialog will appear with some options:

- Select  "Activate Using a Different Computer that has Web access" - It will present you with a serial number called "Installation ID". Save this code to a thumb drive, and go to any PC with web access.

- Go to http://activate.esellerate.net and type this ID into the field. It should reply back with another long code. Save this code and return to the non-internet connected PC.

- Launch FS and wait again for the manual activation screen to come up. Now select "I already have an Activation Key and would like to Activate Now". Type the code you obtained from the web from the other PC, and it should activate.
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