Author Topic: XPOI 1.8 released, important update!  (Read 8797 times)


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XPOI 1.8 released, important update!
« on: January 27, 2011, 01:37:26 pm »
We released today an update to XPOI, which is strongly suggested to all users.

During the last weeks, the servers, which XPOI connects to, were under heavy load because of lots of new geo-related apps using the same services which were recently released, mostly on smartphones.

Geonames has added more servers, which require slightly different access methods, in order to lessen the load, so we had to update XPOI to connects to the new servers.

It's strongly suggested all XPOI upgrade to this version, which should fix problems like POIs not visible because of the overloaded servers.

To update:

- Uninstall XPOI from the Windows Control Panel
- Download the new installer from the "Products" page or the XPOI page and install it.

As usual, if your XPOI is already active, it will not be necessary to reactivate it when reinstalling.

This version reads 1.8 in the installer. If you downloaded the installer after today and it reads 1.8 already, you don't need to upgrade.