Author Topic: Addon Manager/FS9 Does Not Activate Properly - Followed All Instructions Here  (Read 985 times)


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Dear fsdt,

I recently bought a new Win11 gaming machine, and have ported my FS9 stuff over to it. I ran intro trouble with FSDT activation, so I did some research here, reinstalled my sceneries, and installed the addon manager from the FSDT FS9 page LAST. Nevertheless, when I start FS9, I get a prompt to activate and it goes straight to esellerate, which is defunct. When I close out of that process, FS9 reports my key is active, but on the next startup it prompts to activate again. This happens as well for LAX, ORD, and Hawaii 1 and 2.

What is the solution here? Should I delete everything and start over? Should I send my keys to FSDT and there is something that can be done on that end? Kindly advise, this has become a bit frustrating.

Thank you in advance.