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FS2004 Activation and Installation Problem
« on: October 18, 2023, 10:41:23 pm »
After a long absence on FS2004 I have been attempting to install and activate my FSDT airport scenery collection(Purchased long before the switch from Esellerate). Like other postings on this forum I have run into problems because of the switchover from E-Sellerate to the new activation servers. I have followed all of the postings and answers..installed my sceneries first then installed the newest FS9 addon manager from the FSDT website. I have to re-activate my sceneries now everytime I start FS2004...question, I ran across some E-sellerate files still on my system. Do I need to remove all traces of esellerate for the new Addon Manager to do its job ? Do I just need to apply for new license keys through support to get these sceneries activated once and for all? Also is it essential to use fresh downloads of the scenery installers for the airports themselves? Have those executable files been updated since the changeover ? Any help appreciated, maybe a sticky on this topic for customers new to this problem which spells out in detail the Solution rather than gleaning the forum for old postings on this subject. FSDT has always stood for quality FS addons and Id really like keeping the FS2004 legacy flying.

PS I have removed all traces of Esellerate I can find on my system. I installed all of the FSDT airports first, then installed the latest FS9 addon manager. Everytime I start FS2004 I am getting the FSDT XXXX scenery needs to be activated notification. When I say yes it tries to validate with E-Sellerate servers..if I say no it says FSDT airport XXX has been activated. All well and good until I restart FS2004 and the cycle repeats. Maybe the answer is to make legacy FS2004 airports freeware and not worry about activation or further support for them. It seems the FS world has moved on past FS2004. I am hopeful sometime/someway there will be a fix to help FS2004 users enjoy their FSDT airports without a hassle.
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Re: FS2004 Activation and Installation Problem
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2023, 11:25:44 am »
There's no need to remove anything from Esellerate, the software still contains the Esellerate libraries, so users not updating their hardware or not reinstalling Windows would still continue to have the products working from the last activation they got from Esellerate before it closed.

New activations will always be made on QLM/Soraco, you just need to be sure the updated Addon Manager for FS9 is the last thing you install. If you reinstall a scenery, it will "downgrade" the Addon Manager to an older Esellerate-only version.

And, you need to be sure your firewall is not blocking online access to FS9 and you don't run FS9 into some strange Compatibility mode, like XP or Vista or Windows 7 under Windows 10.

If you are running Windows 7, that's the latest info about it:,27687.0.html