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[Working Profile] Honda HJet HA-420
« on: September 20, 2022, 07:43:06 am »
[Working Profile] Honda HJet HA-420

Here is the first profile for the Honda HJet HA-420.


First of all: This airplane was created for dwarfs. GSX passengers entering the plane will greet the ceiling with their chests. I tried to fix this and to find the best balance. Lowering the position of the passengers inside the plane. It worked for 95% of the passengers during boarding. Then I realized there were additional issues when deboarding, with passengers becoming helicopters when trying to leave the plane. Doors are also very unusual on this plane. You would have to open/close the passenger and front cargo door manually before calling the vehicles. Unlike on the real plane, the rear cargo door doesn't open wide enough and there is not enough space between door and engine. So it's useless. Sometimes the welcoming purserette would stand in a bad position, half outside the plane (this seems to be a GSX Pro issue). The plane is simply too small.


  • No more visual passengers or cabin crew (who needs 4 flight assistants for 5 max passengers anyway, will they stand in the restroom?).
  • I created custom de-icing wing areas (not tested). Inserting bypass pin before pushback will naturally make the marshall clip into the plane because it is too small.
  • I decided not to include my pixel-perfectly aligned front cargo belt loader, because it simply doesn't make sense to load 30 bags into the front.
  • This is a simple profile that otherwise just works. All vehicles arrive, just no glitches. Have fun with it.


Unpack the contained folder to %APPDATA%\Virtuali\Airplanes
If the Airplanes folder doesn't exist then just create it.
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Re: [Working Profile] Honda HJet HA-420
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2023, 08:30:00 am »
Just a little note from a stranger to say thanks for doing this - I know it was ages ago and totally get all the restrictions, but what you've created works great - main thing is for pushback and it's nice to hear the van pull up to collect the (invisible) pax whilst I'm completing my paperwork with an Argos biro in the VERY small cockpit! So, thanks for taking the time - hopefully lots of others are making use of it too! All the best, Matt.

PS: Picture of an Argos biro attached in case you aren't UK based :)