Author Topic: Where Is The FS2004 Addon Manager Located After Installation  (Read 1595 times)


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I have questions. I saw a video on YouTube for installing the Addon Manager in Window 2020. If I could see that with FS2004 I wouldn’t have any issues. So my questions are when installing the addon manager how do you access it with Windows 10? When it is installed where is it installed too?  I have checked my C drive, the 2004 Flight Sim files and other files and can’t find it.  I installed the scenery first than the addon manager later as per your instructions . After installation of the addon manager my computer shut off and then came back on. I looked for the addon manager all over and can’t find it. So what gives ? I  have bought a whole lot of airport scenery from other vendors with no problems installing their scenery and then there is yours. The best scenery of all vendors but what good is it to only have the trial period and the scenery disappears in 7 minutes. So those are my issues. Any help from anyone would be appreciated.
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