Author Topic: Trying to Come Back to FSDT Airport Scenery but having Activation problems!  (Read 980 times)


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Umberto Here is where I stand. In anger I deleted all FS Dreamteam software  the first go around when for some mysterious reason all my Dreamteam sceneries reverted back to the trial period after I bought them in March of 2018 and couldn't reactivate them but kept records of my keys. After many hours of searching for comparable scenery from other vendors I was disgusted because no airport scenery is as good as FSDT's scenery. I rebought JFK and LAX sceneries. I followed your instructions to the letter downloading your JFK and LAX airports then downloaded the addon manager you gave me the link to and is on your FS9 page on your FSDT site. None activated until I went to my C Drive/Users/DreamTeam and clicked on the JFK registry key and it installed.  I tried the same with LAX and I still can't get out of the trial period. I have spent hours trying to get Lax to work and I can't get out of the Trial period.  I need your help Umberto. Your airport scenery is spectacular compared to some of the other scenery out there. I know you gave me a step by step guide but that didn’t work the last go around. Any help would be much appreciated.  Thank  you!   Chuck Blais