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Problems with the activation GSX_Pro


Elmar Trapp:
Hello everyone

I downloaded and bought the GSX_Pro about two weeks ago.... Installed it with the installer and used the decryption key

It was then indicated that it is active. If I start MSFS 2020 now and stand in a parking lot I can click GSX but it

there are only three airports (Munich-San Francisco and Milan)

where is the problem have it unlocked ?????

greetings and grateful for any help


The public forum is not the correct place to ask questions about orders and activation, you should always use the support email.

Which you already used, since we had many email exchanges, where you have been given all the possible solutions to this problem so, no use repeating the same question here, since it would still be me responding anyway so, by posting the same question here, after you are being followed already by email, you are only duplicating your and mine efforts for no reason.

So, since you correctly started using the support email for a question related to activation, and you have been replied to several times with multiple things to try, please continue by email.


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