Author Topic: This is what I have done to activate all my previous bought files NO JOY  (Read 1782 times)


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I have spent days trying to reinstall my previous bought airport sceneries focusing on JFK and LAX!!
This is what I have done, nothing working what am I missing here?
1 Did an FSDT uninstall using this method Windows>Control Panel>uninstall JFK and LAX the other airports I left alone which are Hawaiian Airports 1 & 2, Honolulu International, and Las Vegas McCarran, which I thought I might be able to activate with VIRTUALI Addon Mgr
2 Nothing worked and when asked did I want to activate from the Addon window inside of FS9 which I went to do the New Addon Mgr didn't show up but  the old on Addon window Eselerate did which I know can't be used.
3 Next I turned off my antivirus software and downloaded the new VIRUTALI Addon Mgr then redownloaded JFK and KLAX v2 and tired to activate those but Eselerate appeared again.  Now I have learned the individual FS Dream Team Airports still have the Eserate engine on them. How do you get rid of Eserate?  I am frustrated!!!
4 Specs of my computer as follow  Windows 10 Home Version, my processor Intel I7-8700 CPU @3.70GHz, Ram 32GB with a 64 bit operating system x64 based processor.
Question I couldn't find a Addon Window for VIRUTALI on the upper bar in FS9. So how do you know when it has been successfully downloaded and can be used to activate all of my old scenery.
5 I am beyond frustrated and have never had a computer problem that I couldn't fix. Until now I love the FS DREAM AIRPORTS and I still love FS9 as I have it maxed out with scenery and have 630 GB free space on my local disc which has a capacity of 893GB What aggravates  me is why do I have to go through this when my FSDT scenery has worked perfectly since 2019. Everything changed over night. My options if I can"t get help here is get new scenery from new vendors  for the affected cities knowing I probably can't get the quality that FSDT offers but at this point I don't need anymore aggravation either. My other option is to go to FS2020. I prefer however to stay where I am with FS9 and FSDT airports. If anyone has any ideas to help me or know what I am doing wrong I am all ears, please respond to my message.  Thank you CEBLAIS


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You must install the updated Stand-Alone Addon Manager for FS9, as the LAST thing you do: