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Missing vortac/tacan channel 106x
« on: June 23, 2022, 09:31:40 pm »
MSFS-Market Place(pc)
CYVR vortac channel 106x is not available

NOT an fsdt issue.

MSFS is missing most VORTAC navaids for the world at this time. USA coverage is pretty good however.
Use an alternate source such as Navigraph.
Also know that many DME/VOR stations are being phased out, or have already been decommissioned world wide.
GPS/RNAV is replacing these older systems.
To see if your desired navaid is available in default msfs-On the world map, open filters & enable navaids.
Then zoom in on your desired area. If available, it will show details if you left click on it.

Nice mod! Immensely enjoying your creation. Well done!
 x'ing fingers you'll be doing a Hawaii pack for msfs
Your PHKO was my favorite FSX airport for many many years 8)
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