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Re: KCLT Runway 5/23
« Reply #15 on: January 25, 2023, 03:04:23 pm »
This is something that I've been wondering myself, as all AI traffic uses rwy 5/23 regardless of winds... and since operations are only done on the 3 18/36 runways, it gets weird. Hearing from a few pilots that are based there that have stated 5/23 is never used, and watching flightradar24 and only ever seeing it as a taxiway, it would be nice to have it disabled as a runway... in the hopes that AI doesn't use it. That doesn't mean that we need it as a taxiway, but somehow removing it (while keeping the look of it) would be an awesome update.


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Re: KCLT Runway 5/23
« Reply #16 on: July 25, 2023, 04:57:39 pm »
Hi y'all,

Just bought KCLT scenery for MSFS.
Saw your old post but decided to jump in if not too late.
I'm a real life airline pilot based in KCLT.
RWY 05/23 is indeed closed for takeoff and landing for at least 2 years now, it will be definitely decommissioned soon. There is a big vertical flashing cross on both end and there is some aircraft from the museum standing on the runway for at least 2 years now (F-14, DC-7, DC-3, etc...), they are located between RWY 18L/36R and threshold of 05, those aircraft are parked there while waiting for the new Sullenberger museum to be constructed (work in progress, should open in 2024).
However, the runway 05/23 is used for departure taxi between RWY 18L/36R and RWY 18C/36C. Almost all departing aicraft between terminal B and E use RWY 05/23 to taxi from taxiway G to taxiway E, while taxiway M is used for arriving aicraft taxiing to gates.
A new runway (north-south) is in construction, it will be parallel to 18C/36C and located between this runway and the huge Norfolk Train depot.

Just my 2 cents...