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CYVR installed but not in the FSDT Installer


Michael Moe:

i noticed the CYVR is not presented in the universal installer (live update). Is this normal ? at first i thought it was my mouse scroll which seems to take a rather big scroll down in the app.

Michael Moe

I don't know how large is your mouse wheel set to scroll but here, a single scroll scrolls 3 lines, which means I need to scroll twice to see CYVR, which is after Chicago and before Key West for MSFS.

Hi, I have exactly the same problem. Zurich, is detected, GSX works perfectly well, and ...Vancouver, works fine in MSFS, but remains undetected by the FSDT Installer  ???

Could be you disabled all MSFS products, so you are looking at the FSX version ?


--- Quote from: virtuali on October 17, 2022, 03:43:20 pm ---Could be you disabled all MSFS products, so you are looking at the FSX version ?

--- End quote ---

I've asked twice on another thread because I'm experiencing the same issue, and still you do not reply. So, I'll ask again here, and I'll ask it differently. Maybe this will get you to answer.

If one buys the marketplace version of FSDT's CYVR airport scenery, will it be show up as "INSTALLED" in the FSDT Universal Installer Or, would it not show up as installed because the two versions are different even though they are the same airport scenery by the same developer?


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