Author Topic: Is KMEM for P3D still supported?  (Read 347 times)


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Is KMEM for P3D still supported?
« on: July 13, 2022, 08:03:34 pm »
I am just wondering if KMEM for P3D is still supported?
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Re: Is KMEM for P3D still supported?
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2022, 09:01:29 pm »
I am just wondering if KMEM for P3D is still supported?

If you are referring to the ground elevation issue that happens with P3D V5 ONLY, as I've repeated it in February, we'll look in this, but at this time we are working 24/7 on releasing GSX for MSFS.

But that's besides the point, the point is:

- The product in question, KMEM, came out in 2016 for FSX and P3D V3, which were the ONLY two main simulators available on that date, P3D V4 came out the following year. Nowhere we ever said it would always updated "forever", for each new sim that would eventually came out after that.

- KMEM is still fully compatible with P3D 4, but it's still not a native product and it's not advertised as such. We honestly put only native products in the P3D 4/5 section of our site, with "native" meaning compiled with the P3D 4/5 SDK and made in full PBR, so they could never work in FSX. That's what a proper P3D product is, and we DO NOT misrepresent ours, except the ones that truly are. KMEM is in the FSX section of our site.

- When P3D V5 came out, some sceneries required fixes, mostly due to the updated default scenery. We updated some sceneries which were reasonably quick to do, even older than KMEM, like KFLL, or PHNL.

- The way KMEM is made, the possible fix is a quite a bit more complex. But again, we never sold KMEM with the promise it would be "updated for life", and just can't demand a fix in the shortest amount of time. The scenery works perfectly fine for the simulator you bought it for ( FSX or P3D V3 ) and an extra version too, that is P3D V4.

- KMEM is sold in TRIAL version so no, nobody can say users that bought it *after* P3D V5 came out were somehow "tricked" into buying a bugged product. And it's NOT just that, in ADDITION to that, for those that don't check the Trial, we added the following disclaimer, in the FSX download page, just if it wasn't clear enough you ARE buying an FSX Product:

Prepar3D Compatibility

While these products were originally made for FSX, they can be installed in all versions of Prepar3D, up to 5.1.

However, due to several changes in backward compatibility in P3D V5, some of the older products might show some visual problems so, if you intend to use them in P3D V5, we strongly suggest to download the Trial version before purchasing them.

Basically, users that bought it for FSX or P3D 3/4, simply cannot demand a fix for P3D V5, because the product works with the simulator they bought it for. And for new users, those that bought it after P3D V5 came out, we made every effort possible to:

- Clearly label the product as being an FSX product first and foremost, with some adaptations for P3D, but it's in the FSX Products section for a reason, because we are not hiding the fact it's not a P3D native product, and surely not a P3D V5 product.

- Making a STRONG suggestion to check the Trial to those wanting to use it in P3D V5.

Also, I just checked your orders, and I can see you ordered KMEM in 2017 so, clearly, you intended to use it in FSX or P3D 4, since P3D V5 only came out 3 years later, in 2020, so KMEM works perfectly fine in the simulator you bought it for.
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