Author Topic: ORBX KBUR Burbank Airport V5 Walk in config  (Read 935 times)


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ORBX KBUR Burbank Airport V5 Walk in config
« on: April 17, 2022, 05:46:09 pm »

All vehicles and pushbacks edited on gates A1-9 and B1-5. Also edited the 13-15 cargo stands. Did not touch GA gates.

Very tight spaces in this scenery. So difficult to get right. Also strict taxi restrictions on this airport so thats why for example there are only pushbacks facing north on the B1-4 stands because facing south is illegal. If you check the charts you can see more if this interests you. Also check out this video:

Here you can see they sometimes use runway 08-26 for taxiing to the stands. Something i understand when i started editing.

Gates A1-9 are all walk in. 737-700 used to edit. -800 also lands here but the tail will stick out more Recommend A8-A9 and B5 for 320-737-800.
B2 and B5 are walk in. Mainly because the bus parked on top of scenery. B1-B3-B4 are with bus.

Found the picture when i was searching for info on this airport. Can also understand why this happened.
This Aircraft was parked at B1 and taxied to the north :)

Place the ini file in C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Virtuali\GSX
Make sure to remove/backup other ini files starting with kbur in this folder.

I have Without Static Aircraft ticked in the configurator so if you have this on the bgl name will have to be changed from KBUR_ADEP4_ADE.BGL to KBUR_ADEP4_ADE_WITH_STATIC_AIRPLANES.BGL in the afcad path in the ini file.

As always lots of text but i hope you enjoy. It certainly elevated my immersion level when parking in this airport :)