Author Topic: Failed to update on MSFS2020  (Read 1778 times)


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Failed to update on MSFS2020
« on: September 13, 2021, 08:00:44 pm »
Hi Umberto,

If I had to delete my Windows user administrator account and I had to create another due to an NET DLL error file that I could not restore, Could it be causing some error when updating this airport when running the FSDT Live Update program?

I ask you this because I update all my products that I have without problems (such as GSX and other sceneries) but it only gives an error in this particular airport that it could not be updated.

I have the Steam version of MSFS2020 and I bought the update on the FSDreamTeam site a few months ago, taking advantage of the discount of those who had this scenario in Prepar3D.


EDIT: I attach the error that appears on Couatl Live Update:

Start checking for MSFS updates
QlmLicenseLib.dll registered successfully
License for FSDT Louisville for MSFS cannot be verified, the product cannot be updated
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