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update request
« on: November 24, 2021, 04:39:14 pm »
Congrats on your update for KCLT for MSFS.  Would you please consider a paid upgrade for this scenery for P3Dv4/5?

Thank you.


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Re: update request
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2022, 04:31:24 pm »
Congrats on your update for KCLT for MSFS.  Would you please consider a paid upgrade for this scenery for P3Dv4/5?

Thank you.

+Agreed. I got the Imaginesim CLT back in the day for FSX, FSDT CLT for P3D. I'm looking forward to the updated CLT even if it's a paid upgrade like ORD.  ;)


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Re: update request
« Reply #2 on: January 12, 2022, 10:36:52 am »
I'm sorry but, although the basic modeling of the MSFS version is based on the P3D version, the scenery has now become a truly native MSFS scenery, using native features that are not available in P3D, which would make it extremely difficult to port it back to P3D.

Some examples:

- All taxiway signs has been remade from scratch using the MSFS method, which result in them automatically conforming to the MSFS sloped terrain.

- All trees which were made with polygons in P3D, has been remade from scratch using the native MSFS shader-based vegetation method, which is so much faster.

- The photoreal background has been heavily modified to blend with the underlying MSFS Bing images.

- Since we added MSFS-native sloped runways, we had to add several MSFS-native terrain terraforming to have the rest of the scenery conform to it. Going back to P3D would be extremely complex, because there's no way to export the actual MSFS terrain (the combination of the default + our fixes made in the MSFS editor ) back to 3DS Max so it could be eventually exported again to another sim and conform the 3d objects to it.

- All taxiway/runway lighting have been remade from scratch using the native MSFS method, which allows placing lights over a spline AND using a custom model with its own dynamic light method

- All ground aprons textures have been remade using native MSFS polygons, with MSFS-specific textures and materials AND coloration AND falloff, which both don't exists in P3D.

- All interior details and all small apron details are now using the MSFS-native geometry Instancing which doesn't exists in P3D, that allows for huge VRAM savings, so going back to P3D with all that added detail would likely not fit in VRAM, except maybe on an RTX 3090.

- All objects has been converted to use the MSFS-native LOD method, carefully optimized for it, which is only feasible thanks to the new diagnostic tools and the latest 3DS Max LOD exporter which is specific to the MSFS SDK and makes multi-LOD exporting easier to use, so we took the chance to do a very extensive optimization which would be very difficult to port back to P3D, that gave us other VRAM savings.

So, even if it started as a port of the P3D version, that's only true for the basic modeling of the terminals ( and of course the latest Concourse A and the new Control Tower have been made entirely from scratch ), but lots of what makes the scenery work, has been completely redone using many native MSFS features that have no equivalent in P3D, which will make it very difficult to port it back.
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Re: update request
« Reply #3 on: January 24, 2022, 01:49:47 am »
I truly feel you and as a painter, I do empathize with you, but this is also a business & you are offering a product that is top-notch in the game so why run the risk of losing out on your customers? We know it takes time, we know how much effort and work it takes to put into creating such mesh, terrain, and an overall new AFCAD. I know a few people are stretching for a free upgrade, but if it means paying a small surcharge for your time & energy... I'm down!
Work on an update & announce a few changes so that you(y'all) can get some type of compensation & I honestly think that's just fair.

Keep the project alive especially since PREPAR3D is constantly giving us updates to stay in the competitive market. Don't abandon the project, because of new and updated.. remember those behind us.

Keep up the amazing work btw.