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catering problem
« on: September 13, 2021, 09:21:19 pm »
 I am new to gsx and this forum so bear with me. I have got everything working for the most part. I have applied all the antivirus stuff and opened the firewall. The only problem I have now is when it calls for the catering service as soon as it spawns the engine crashes and gives me this message: couatl v4.0 (build 4585)
panic log started on Sun Sep 12 17:06:21 2021

problem raised by engine or unspecified addon
{'Airport': 'EDDL', 'Requested assistance services at': 'Gate V 40', 'User Pos': (51.2853660418083, 6.775175176341494, 46.3254 m, 1.52139 m, 143.56349277420924, 0.008007511496543884, 0.0070685832761228085, 0.00012124561367839998, 1.783689672088623, 1.0)}  This happens no matter where I'm at when it calls for catering I'm done. Can anybody help me with this problem. thanks  P.S. Lovin this addon.