Author Topic: FSDT Summer Sale and MSFS Sim Update 5 Information  (Read 4325 times)


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FSDT Summer Sale and MSFS Sim Update 5 Information
« on: July 27, 2021, 01:38:20 pm »
Hello forum users:

Fsdreamteam is having a Summer sale, with all our products discounted 30%. To get the discount, you must add this code on the "Redeem Code" input field, in the shopping page:


The Sale lasts from today, July 27th 2021, to August 8th 2021 and it's also available on Simmarket and will be available on the MS Marketplace pending approval from Microsoft.

IMPORTANT Update for MSFS Sim Update 5

Today, Microsoft released MSFS 2020 Sim Update 5 for PC, and the new XBOX version. Some optimizations in this new version caused some breaking changes to existing add-ons, which required some fixes on our part.

To get the updates, if you bought the products from FSDT or Simmarket, just the FSDT Live Updater. If you bought our products on the MS Marketplace, the updates will be available as soon as the MS Marketplace team will approve them.
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