Author Topic: KLAS frustrating scenery problem  (Read 4318 times)


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KLAS frustrating scenery problem
« on: February 13, 2021, 08:05:13 pm »

My problem is not about the orbx elevation issues but I keep
getting missing terminals.

I have uninstalled then reinstalled KLAS then ran the FSDT updater
and loaded the the sim and all is well. All terminals are there.

I then shut down the sim and start up again and all I get are
the jetways but no terminal E building so I did it all over
again and all is well.

Then I shut down and start up again and I have jetways but no
terminal buildings anywhere.

I would really like to get some help with this problem I can not figure
out why this is happening. I do not have any problems with any of
the other FSDT scenery which I own. I might add that I have them all
and this is the only airport I get a problem with and it recurs often.

Thank you for your help.
Gene Miller
Windows 10 Home Edition, AMD FX 8370 8 Core Processor 4.5Gh
16.0 GB Ram, 64bit Operating System Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 video card


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Re: KLAS frustrating scenery problem
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2021, 05:42:53 pm »
It's possible that another add-on that you start with the sim that is not fully compatible with current Windows standard ( for example because it tries to write something in Program Files ) is wrongly setting some Compatibility setting to the sim that should not be set, which will cause the sim to run AS IF it was using something like Windows XP, which in addition to cause issues with our software, that is fully native Windows 10, is also slowing down your sim, forcing video drivers to run in a lesser performance mode and because of many Windows API calls being intercepted by the compatibility mode.

Our Updater detects the damage such add-on do to your installation, so it RESET every compatibility mode wrongly set to the sim ( except Administration mode, which is required by some add-ons ), which explains why the scenery initially runs after you ran the updater but then, when you exit the sim, the wrong compatibility mode which has been set, will be back again on the next session, so you are mislead thinking you must run the FSDT updater again, which is not normally the case, except the fact is trying to fix your sim.

In other cases, it's also possible that Windows itself might set a compatibility flags by itself, sometimes just because the sim crashed ( these are not easily found, since they are stored in the registry ), and yes, our updater detects that and fixes that too.