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Call for help: your voice in GSX
« on: September 20, 2019, 10:24:47 pm »
With this weekend update, we added support in GSX for multiple regional accents in GSX voices, and improved the default English/American voice as well. At this time, we have the following voices played by professional voice actors:

- American.
- Indian.
- Italian.

The other voices are still synthetic text-to-speech:

- British.
- German.
- Australian.

And, I would really like to add the following, which sound very bad with text-to-speech ( Note that, it's still English, just spoken with different accents ):

- French
- Spanish
- Chinese
- Japanese
- Russian

If you are a native speaker of any of the missing languages, have some experience with voice-overs and a decent recording equipment (nothing fancy, any decent microphone used for Podcast/Youtube, used in a fairly silent room will do), let me know with a PM or an Email, so your voice could be included in GSX. We'll try to offer some kind of compensation, like free products or possibly actual money if the work has top-quality level.
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