Author Topic: Carrier ops - no ILS/TACAN signal received  (Read 3666 times)


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Carrier ops - no ILS/TACAN signal received
« on: January 26, 2021, 05:07:03 pm »
Hi Together,

for a long time I am now trying to get the T-45 Goshawk from Dino working properly for the ILS carrier approach. No chance. Now I am searching help from somebody who knows how the HUD has to be set properly. The details.

I am using P3D v4.5 HF3 on Win10. The fligh sim is newly installed. In addition I installed Javier Fernandez carriers together with All works fine, only I can't get the ILS working. I installed the ILS switch in the T-45 (window06) additionally as recommended, to make sure the ILS is switche on. I tried an ILS approach at EDDA (Augsburg), worked nearly perfektly, only the DME on the HUD did not show the distance. This was indicated however at the NAV instruments. But no way to get the ILS working for an carrier approach. What do I miss out?

So, I would really highly appreciate if some expert or enthusiast could guide me to a wonderful ILS landing on these carriers.

Thank you very much, safe landing and stay healthy.