Author Topic: Registrations keeps kicking out  (Read 2178 times)


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Registrations keeps kicking out
« on: October 08, 2020, 06:10:29 pm »
I recently upgraded to P3D V5 and installed all of my FSDT airports and products (14 of them).  I have all of my registration codes, entered them etc etc and everything went fine EXCEPT every once in a while the detailed airports don't display and when I check the Addon Manager it shows that I have a "trial" product and need to enter the registration code.  Just now I started in KMEM with everything displaying like it should, I then when into P3D V5 graphic settings and changed to V sync mode.  When P3D went back to the airport display it was showing the default scenery and not the FSDT scenery.  (But this is just one example.  The loss of registration doesn't appear to be related to any one specific event (as best as I know).   It is reporting that the product is in trial mode which I guess explains why restarting KMEM temporarily allows the scenery to display and then it later disappears.  I know for a fact that I registered these products with their registration codes.

This problem has happened numerous times  Currently KLAS, KLAX, KMEM and CYVR are all reporting that the scenery is installed and in trial mode..   If I attempt to re-register, instead of the program finding the "saved registration", it ask for me to manually re-enter the code again.

I've just reregistered the 4 products reporting to be in trial mode.  All of then are now showing ACTIVE and REGISTERED but only three of them reported a successful registration and that it was saving the registration.  CYCR did not report success or that it is saving the registration code (though it is now showing to be registered).   Something just isn't right.
 I need help figuring a solution.  Thanks.
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Re: Registrations keeps kicking out
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2020, 03:43:14 pm »
As explained in other threads in the forum, the latest version of our software for P3D is now 64 bit, which means it doesn't support Esellerate activations anymore, since there's no 64 bit version of Esellerate and there never be one, since Esellerate closed in 2019.

We switched to QLM/Soraco before Esellerate closed, but we kept Esellerate in the software, in order not to force everybody to reactivate everything on that day, assuming that, after an hardware change or a Windows reinstall, you would require a reactivation anyway, so we waited more than a year before removing Esellerate from the software, but we couldn't delay the switch much further, since it prevented to create a more reliable 64 bit version of the program.

You only need to reactivate your existing key and you can even use your old Esellerate key, since when migrating all our old Esellerate keys to Soraco, a new Soraco key has been automatically associated to your existing Esellerate key. Our software can use both, but it must be online for the old Esellerate key to be accepted.

In some cases the firewall will prevent our software to access to the activation server, so the QLM "License Wizard" will appear, and this only accept the NEW kind of keys from QLM/Soraco, which are those that starts with an "A". In this case, you should use the QLM Self-Help site linked on our FAQ page:

And use the "Email License Keys" option to retrieve the new keys associated to all your past orders. Use these ones to activate all your products that need activation.