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Vancouver V2 for MSFS released

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Fsdreamteam is happy to announce the release of Vancouver V2 for MSFS 2020.  This scenery has been converted to MSFS 2020, starting from the FSX version we released in 2013. However, is not a “straight” conversion, and there has been many changes, both due to the changing airport layout, but also to offer specific MSFS features when possible.

- The airport layout has been updated. A whole new section of the main Terminal ( Pier B, Gate 11-28 ) has been modeled, together with the new extension ( Pier A, gate 1-12 )

- Due to these changes, lots of parking names has been renamed, to reflect the current situation.

- All textures and materials has been improved and converted to PBR, with added normal map details and proper metallic/roughness maps.

- Dynamic Lighting has been remade entirely from scratch, using the native MSFS 2020 lighting system, with hundreds of individual light sources.

- The background photoreal image has been updated to reflect changes at Piers A and B of the Main Terminal.

- All Aprons materials has been remade using the native MSFS system.

- All 3d taxi-light fixtures have been remade using the native MSFS system.

- Runways have now their correct Slope profile.

- Jetways has been all remade according to the latest MSFS 2020 SDK.

The scenery cost only 9.9$, and if you are an existing user of the 2013 version for FSX, you can even get an extra discount on top of that! Instructions about the discount will be sent by email to all registered users. If you bought the 2013 version from Simmarket, the discount price will be shown in your account there.

The product has been sent to Microsoft for approval, so it will should be available on the MS Marketplace soon.

So if I understood correctly unless I also buy the extended download service I am not eligible for any future updates?

The price is very good!

I purchased from I also be able to get the discount?

Hi Umberto,

Thank you!

Just got the email.



--- Quote from: montreal on October 16, 2020, 12:31:18 pm ---So if I understood correctly unless I also buy the extended download service I am not eligible for any future updates?
--- End quote ---

No, the scenery will be always kept updated by the FSDT Live Update, no matter how old your installer is.

But if you LOSE the original installer, the Extended Download service will let you download it again from Digital River for another 2 years after purchase. Without it the download link will expire in about 1 month.

We don't really suggest to buy the Extended download, just make a backup of the installer, perhaps using a Cloud service ( it's only 200MB ), to prevent the risk of hardware failures.


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