Author Topic: Changing gate assignments in AFX / ADE makes default buildings shine through  (Read 4012 times)


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I wanted to change airline gate assignmens for PHNL. I used ADE to make the changes, compiled a new file (with separate compilation of airport and object BGLs - but no OBJ.bgl file was created). Tested the file, planes park where I want them to park, but default buildings shine through. No other problems with runways or taxiways or anything else - only the default buildings pose a problem.

Then tried second method: ran live update to make sure I get the latest AFX_PHNL file, then used AFX instead of ADE to make the changes. Same outcome: planes go where I want them to, but default buildings shine through.

What am I doing wrong? How can I change gates/assignments for PHNL?



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First, be sure you are modifying the *current* version of our AFCAD, because we updated it recently to support P3D V5.

Your problem seems to be caused by missing Exclusions, meaning the Exclusion areas we have in our AFCAD ( which prevents default scenery to shine through ) are not saved back in your modified AFCAD for some reason.


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I had similar issue re numbering the gates. Ade forum has procedure for converting airports or projects to p3dv5.
The exclusions were the issue. I ended up compiling and keeping the generated xml file., then copied the exclusions from the fsdreamteam phnl afcad and recompile the modified xml  using bglcomp.exe. this resolved the bleed through.


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I am having this same issue with all the Hawaiian airports in v5.1.