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Author Topic: Did the last update do somehow place FSDT sceneries below default?  (Read 111 times)
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« on: November 26, 2020, 05:05:32 AM »

Hey guys,

I was having no problems with my FSDT scenery until the last large update I did after putting off updates for a while. Now, SDF, HNL, and all my FSDT sceneries (except IAH\LAX) for some reason have default scenery showing over them, with the AI traffic following the default ADEX, custom ground textures covered, and of course all the default buildings. I'm very familiar with ADEX and the usual causes for this issue and have fixed it many times in the past, however, this issue happening all of a sudden to most of my products is very frustrating as it can't be a coincidence that after a large update suddenly my scenery is all being bled over. Now, I have tried the usual ways to fix this, creating exclusion boxes for default objects and double checking ORBX and other directories for conflicting scenery, but nothing is working. This is very bizarre, as I've never been stumped trying to delete default scenery bleed-overs. I even went as far as to delete the stock SDF\HNL\OGG\KOA\LAS ADEXs to test, and somehow, the default scenery is still bleeding over! Even with the "APX" default ADEX file deleted from the root scenery folder! How is that even possible LOL, I thought that was the default airport's data? I ran the ORBX vector tool just in case, obviously didn't make a difference.

Any idea why this might be happening? As I said, I did NOT install any files that had anything to do with any of these airports, nor did I update my ORBX products, so I do not understand how so many airports would corrupt at once. GSX is also on the fritz when I use these airports. The ground crews about 50%+ of the time (on any aircraft) connect and get all the way to the point of asking what pushback I'd like, then they just sit there and nothing happens once I've dropped the brake. Reloading again and again doesn't fix it. This doesn't happen at airports outside of the FSDT airports with the bleed overs, GSX works fine at FlightBeam, ORBX, default, ect airports. But then the steering pin will be removed even though GSX is reset and I have to go and figure out with each model how to simulate fixing that issue so I can taxi after giving up on a GSX pushback LOL.

Did ignoring several months of updates just mess up the sim? Seems improbable.





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« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2020, 05:56:13 PM »

You are omitting leaving out the most important information, which was:

- Which simulator you are using.

If you used to have P3D V4, but now use V5, all AFCAD files made for V4 will show bleed through, if not updated, because they were designed for a default scenery that has changed. We obviously updated them all, as soon as P3D V5 came out but, you MUST allow the FSDT Live Update to overwrite the AFCAD files, to get the new versions, which work with both sims.

If you refused to let the updater overwrite the AFCAD files, maybe because you made changes to them, you'll get the bleed of default objects, because your modified files are not compatible with V5 default scenery so, either you fix them yourself, or you must do your changes again, based on our latest version.

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