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Author Topic: Fresh installation couatl wont show sometimes  (Read 236 times)
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« on: April 20, 2020, 08:51:15 PM »

Hello guys again;

I been dealing with this situation for few days now, I had a previous post from few days ago but for some reason i cannot figure this issue out, p3dv4.5 get on my sim, tab to see the top menu and nothing related to GSX or the addon manager will appear, I removed every single airport and gsx using control panel / uninstall etc then downloaded all 8 or 9 installers since I have ALL the FSDT airports and installed all of them one by one also GSX2, yep... then got on my sim, all good for the first flight, turned the computer off, 2nd flight few hrs after no GSX or addon manager available so at the gate no jetways, no GSX to call, ran the update, all came back for the 2nd and 3rd flight, 4th flight again no GSX, no addon manager to call, what im doing wrong PLEASE! installation was under ADMIN, didnt do any changes to the path, I dont use any antivirus, I added ALL addon manager folders to the windows exclusions, etc PLEASE AND AGAIN, what im doing wrong, no issues with any other addons internal or external of the sim, I keep my computer clean every night, I been a pain asking but wow I cannot figure out why this thing is on and off, can anyone have patience to explain me what is wrong? something most be preventing gsx to run and some times will run fine so something is on the way stopping the coualt to work! thanks again and again.
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« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2020, 04:10:04 PM »

From your message, it seems that running the FSDT Live Update always fixes the problem.

Assuming your report is correct, and NOTHING related to FSDT appears after some flights ( meaning no Addon manager, no Couatl, no GSX, nothing ), the most likely cause for all of them missing at the same time, is a problem or a conflict with the VC++ runtime libraries.

Since the FSDT Live Update reinstalls them, it's possible ANOTHER add-on you are using is using a different version or an outdated version, or a version that is corrupted in *your* system, so everything using those runtimes will be disabled. But it's very strange it would only happening after the 4th flight.

If, instead, the text of your report is not accurate and, instead, I must believe the SUBJECT of your thread, which is "Couatl won't show sometimes", so you still have the Addon Manager, that's an entirely different issue and, it's usually caused by not having waited enough after the simulator closed to start it again. Yes, even if the P3D Icon has disappeared, depending how many add-ons you have loaded, how free memory you have, it might take a while even *after* the icon has disappeared for the sim to be really safe to be reopened again.

If you want to have a feel how much you should wait on your system, open the GSX Control Panel when the simulator is running, and note how much it takes for the "Compile" button to become available after you close the simulator. That's when it's really safe to restart the sim again. Try the same test using this method.
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