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Important change to Cloud9 Reinstall method
« on: November 22, 2009, 01:11:53 am »
Starting from the Addon Manager (FSX) or (FS9), which has been released today, November 22th 2009, we changed the Reinstall method, making it easier to use and less confusing.

The modifications are as follows:

- The "Reinstall" option will not launch the server-assisted Reinstall anymore. Instead, it will first ask if you have your purchase receipt available.

If you reply "Yes", it will simply ask your Serial Number and activate it. Please note, this is the biggest change for Cloud9 products: you will need to insert ONLY you Serial Number, NOT the Order Number and the Email, like it used to be with the previous version.

If you reply "No" (in case you lost your receipt), it will automatically open your browser to the Esellerate support page, that have options to retrieve your original purchase receipt, that contains your Serial Number.

- The "Register Serial" option does exactly the same thing, but it will go straight to the Serial Number entry without asking any questions so, it will be faster if you know you have your Serial Number at hand.

If you really want to use the server-assisted Reinstall, the one that asks your Order Number and your Email, it's not gone: you can still launch it, by selecting "Buy" for the scenery you need to reinstall and then, when the first Esellerate screen comes, if you press the ALT key on the keyboard, the "Start" button will turn into "Reinstall", allowing to select the server-assisted Reinstall, if you really want to use that one, that has the limitation of being usable only 3 times, regardless if you change hardware or not and regardless how many activation you still have left. So, there's really no reason why you would prefer to use this, rather than simply inserting your Serial Number.

- The Reinstall procedure is now the same for FSDT and Cloud9 products. Previously, Cloud9 products didn't had the option to directly type the Serial Number so, Cloud9 users had to either remember to save a .REG file from a previously active installation, or to use the server-assisted Reinstall. Now, there's no difference anymore, both products are reinstalled in the same way.

- When you successfully activate a product, either the first time (when buying) or as a reinstall on a different hardware, a .REG file will be automatically created for you in your HOME folder. The HOME folder is the one that has the same name as your login user name. This should lessen the chance you lose the .REG file, that was previously saved in the Flight Sim folder so, if you removed Flight sim entirely, you would lose it. The HOME folder should be a safer place, that you hopefully backup, when reinstalling a PC from scratch or move to a new one.

- Another addition, but not really related to the Addon Manager, because we acted on the server, is that your Cloud9 orders have all been upgraded to 6 activations, like FSDT ones.

To get the updated version of the Addon Manager, do ONE of the following:

- Reinstall any scenery from FSDT or any Cloud9 scenery with an updated FSDT installer: this will get the new files automatically.

- If you don't want to reinstall a scenery, install the Stand-Alone Addon Manager (available on each product Info page) AFTER all your Cloud9 sceneries that came with a non-FSDT installer.
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