Author Topic: Addon Manager Version for Zurich scenery and No Internet access  (Read 8310 times)


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Hallo, I am still using fs9 in a Windows XP machine, which cannot bei connected to Internet.

Using Others Fsfdt sceneries e.g. KJFK and Cloud 9 KLAX and Amsterdam work fine.  After installing  I could run the stand  alone manager installer (lt installed Version 1.78, obviously compatible with my active patched fs9.exe version) without Internet a No CD fs9.exe activ..
Then I could use the offline activation procedere,
using another Computer (Notebook) connectable to Internet.
But trying to update addon manager to newer Version from new downloaded stand alone addon manager (going to install Zurich or newer Fsdt KLAX before esellmerate ends) the addon manager installer want to Connect Internet, clearly failed, and installed something local (bglman.dll v.1.81) , but with this version fs9.exe crashes. Rolling back previously backuped Moduls folder to old addon manager files I could run fs9 again.
Is there a possibility to transfer the right addon manager files to non Internet connected machine ? Mayebe my old safed addon manager 1.78 version I might use, but it could be too old for e.g. Zurich ...?
Hope there is a solution.


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Re: Addon Manager Version for Zurich scenery and No Internet access
« Reply #2 on: July 18, 2019, 01:36:23 pm »
Thank you very much answering!
O.k. the addon manager file versions from the above links are the appropriate ones for my special case of my fs9 installation?
Obviously running stand alone addon manager wants to check my Installation via Internet and then add the appropriate file versions or modyfy them in correct way? So the files from your link are the right ones no Internet check necessary ?
Overwriting my existing addon manager files with those from your link my leed to loose all my existing activations ? So I have to perform offline activation procedere for each scenery again ?
Obviously performing (offline) activation procedere modyfies the existing addon manager .dat files? The include the activation status ? So I am a bit fear overwriting.
Hopfully you could clear up a bit my confusion :)


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Re: Addon Manager Version for Zurich scenery and No Internet access
« Reply #3 on: July 19, 2019, 12:44:14 pm »
The files are the correct ones, and there's nothing else to do or worry, other than doing what I asked to do, which is downloading them and place them in the MODULES folder.

Obviously, do that as the last thing you do, after installing everything you need to install.